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We help DC I-71 vendors and medical cannabis dispensaries increase market exposure, generate more traffic, and attract ideal new customers with our unique cannabis connoisseur review platform. Learn more below about how you can list your company with us, how our detailed photo-filled review process works, and start getting new eyeballs to your business today!



Since inception we've enjoyed tremendous user and traffic growth. As a testament to the quality of our content we're also able to achieve low bounce rates and high average session durations. While our readership may originally find us when searching for weed online or on social media, they come back to us again and again to read our insightful articles and view amazing photos of our vendors' products and gifts.


Whereas other sites focus on quantity of listings and disseminating low value content like menu updates, we focus relentlessly on the quality of our reviews and providing content of a higher informational and entertainment value to our active readers. As a result, we have an outsized influence on their purchasing decisions. Yet, this should come as no surprise, given the value and salience people assign to reviews. Recent Invesp, Inc. conversion research indicates that 9 out of 10 consumers search for and visit online reviews before using a business or service. 


You may be aware of the value of referrals in the business world. Did you know that online reviews hold nearly as much value and garner nearly as much trust as personal recommendations?


The Toker's Guide platform is designed to ideally position content according to placement value and relative to vendor cost. Therefore, in a span of 90 days, our clients averaged a nearly 3x return on investment according to a recent analysis. 

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Get Listed

Increase traffic to your cannabis service or dispensary by advertising with a Toker's Guide listing. Choose from three levels of exposure: Featured, Premium and Verified.

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With a Featured Listing you'll gain top of page exposure in the large banner ad at the beginning of our Weed Services listings. Note that all Featured listings come with one review per month, a premium listing, and dedicated landing page.

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With a Premium Listing (above) you'll get a dedicated landing page, a standard review and be highlighted with a large colorful display of your brand on our Weed Services listings. When reviews are added they'll appear both on our Weed Reviews page and your landing page.

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With a Verified Listing (above) you'll be highlighted with a colorful display of your brand on our Weed Services listings along with a button linked to your website.


Please note: We don't take the "verified" part lightly and we do vet every vendor and partner we work with to confirm quality, authenticity, and other aspects their business. If you have all your ducks in a row and your tree is good, we'd love to work with you!

Listing Packages & Pricing

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Top of page visibility in "Featured" listing display

Premium Listing w/ dedicated landing page

One Featured Review

Additional Featured Reviews for $399 each

Social media post and email campaign for each review



Large Display Ad

Dedicated Landing Page

One Standard Review

Social media post for your review

Review email sent to our subscriber base



Display Ad

Button with link to site

Dedicated landing page not included

Reviews not included

Must upgrade to add Featured Reviews



Get Reviewed

Reviews are a great way to attract clients to your cannabis service and, at Toker's Guide, cannabis reviews happen to be what we do best! Gain eyeballs, traffic, and give customers the instant confidence to buy from you. Ready to get reviewed? Choose from two review levels: Featured and Standard.

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With a Featured Review you'll gain tremendous exposure with placement in the large banner of the Featured Reviews section at the top of our home page. Note that all Featured Reviews come with a Premium listing, and dedicated landing page.

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With a Standard Review (above) you'll get a dedicated landing page, amazing photos of your cannabis gifts/products, a social media post about your review, and also an email about your published review will be sent to all of our subscribers. When reviews are added they'll appear both on our Weed Reviews page and your landing page.

Review Features & Pricing



Top of Home Page Visibility for 14 days

Inclusion in Large Ad Slider

Premium Listing w/ dedicated landing page

Published to our review feed & sent to our subscriber base

Social media post for the review

$499 each


Published to our review feed & sent to our subscriber base

Includes a dedicated Landing Page

Gift or product provided by vendor

Includes Toker's Guide photos for your use

Social media post for the review

$199 each

Ready to get started? We're looking forward to learning more about your business and we're excited about the possibility of working with you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

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