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Mobile vacuum sealing powered by smartphone with TerpSpace Technology. Lock in the odor and preserve the terpene freshness of your bud. Makes a great gift for the stoner in your life! 

Founded in Taiwan, Canabosem is a legal cannabis storage product kit that has recently entered the US after having success as both a food storage kit and smoking item storage kit in Asia.

CANABOSEM is a name originating from the Old Testament. It comes from the Hebrew phrase of qaneh bosem, which first appears in Exodus 30:22-23 when Moses was instructed by God to anoint the meeting tent and all its furnishings with specially prepared holy oil, containing hemp.

The brand CANABOSEM is founded to make the holy anointing ingredient/treatment (cannabis) more accessible to the people. With Canabosem’s technology, you are able to preserve your plants 3-5 times longer no matter where you are!


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