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Greetings! With so much drama over vapes in D.C., it's kinda hard getting S.T.O.N.E.D. Have no fear! The Toker's Guide is here to show you the way. We don't send up smoke signals, but we do give fresh tips on where the highest quality initiative 71 cannabis gifts can be found. Use our highly curated list of I-71 compliant services and cannabis reviews to make sure you're staying safe, in-the-know, and maintaining the connoisseur level you've learned to love.  Learn More

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Top Secret DC


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Joint Delivery


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Puff Puff DC


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Exotic Blooms


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Baked DC

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We're keeping DC Cannabis connoisseurs in the know with info, pics, and reviews on I-71 gifts and the services that make them possible. Sign-up and we'll keep ya posted! Read More


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