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Apricot Jelly - Exotic Blooms

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

"Holy Apricot Jelly, Batman!" Ok, so this probably wasn't something that Robin said to Batman in the legendary television show. But, he'd probably say it now after one taste of this batch of Apricot Jelly from Exotic Blooms 😂

This super duper rare sativa dominant hybrid is a cross of the phenomenal Jelly Breath and Irene Apricot strains. It is definitely on the speedy side of things when it comes to effects and MOST definitely not for the noobs. You can probably power through most any work or workout with this one by your side. No cloudy head either! Just pure funky fruity flavored energy for hours.

About that funky fruity flavor too - it is seriously something to behold. I'm actually going to go to the store later, pick up a pack of fresh apricots, and compare the smell. I say this because I'm not completely sure what a fresh apricot smells like, but I'm pretty sure this has to be right on point. It's an utterly exotic fruit forward flavor and aroma the likes of which I have not smelled in a bud before - Apricot Terp Level achieved!?!

Guys! If you like fruity, funky, phenomenally strong sativas this is a great specimen for your collection. It's oozing with trichomes, it's got all the flavor you want, and if you smoke enough of it you might find yourself running around your neighborhood like a certain aforementioned caped crusader. Hit up DC I-71 super heroes Exotic Blooms today and level up yourself.

Don't forget promo code "Toker's Guide Sent Me" for $10 off!


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