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Bio Chem by Culta - Blue Ridge Wellness, Parkville (MD Medical)

Bio Chem by Maryland's Culta, procured at Blue Ridge Wellness in Baltimore’s Parkville area, is an indica dominant cross between Chemdawg 4 and Sensi Star. Clocking in at 22% THC and having limonene and myrcene at the top of its terpene profile, this heavy-hitter is one of the greatest bedtime strains I’ve encountered thus far.


A creeping and mellow high, the onset is slow, but after a good 10 minutes you’ll get drop-kicked into an alternate state of utter bliss. This strain is ideal for an evening spent at home, or a nighttime toke session before bed.


If you’re anything like myself, your mind might keep you up sometimes, pestering you with questions like “Psst. Remember that embarrassing thing you said in middle school?” as you’re so desperately tossing and turning, trying to sleep. Have no fear if Bio Chem is near! It’ll crush any and all nagging, intrusive thoughts. Keep in mind that if you toke on this before a night out, you will be sure to lose your keys.


The body high here almost mimics that of a muscle relaxer, your tension melting away like snow in the spring. Taste wise, she’s got a citrusy diesel flavor, with notes of skunk, raw sugar, and earthy spice.


She delivers visually as well, with compact yet eye-catching buds that are such a bright green, they’re almost luminous. Blanketed with unruly, tangled pistils and glistening with eggshell-white trichs, this batch was truly a delight!

To get some Culta Bio Chem for yourself just head to Maryland medical marijuana dispensary, Blue Ridge Wellness ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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