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Biskanté - Top Secret DC

Many of you are very familiar with Top Secret DC (if you're not I highly recommend checking them out) and how great their highest level "super gold star" strains can be. However, lately I've noticed prices creeping up with the rest of the market in DC. Is $75 worth of "little known secrets about DC" really necessary for each single slice of gift at this caliber? Well, if this Biskanté is any indication, my answer is a resounding YES!


After all, what's a puny piece of useless paper or little 1's and 0's in some bank's computer somewhere really worth anyways? You can't drink dollars. You can't eat dollars - not for much nutritional value anyways. And you certainly shouldn't smoke a dollar - yikes! So, if it takes $8 to get a single beer in some DC bars these days, why can't a phenomenal batch of award-winning, fresh cut, designer, super-rare weed be $75?


...and I do mean super-rare. A brand new entrant and winner of the 2021 Emerald Cup from the notorious Alien Labs, this 50/50 hybrid cultivar's genetics are under tight wraps, and for good reason. The complexity of the flavor and aroma are truly...breathtaking? I'm really at a loss for words when attempting to describe it. At first, it's everything you want it to be in utter dankness. It's so savory that it not only makes your mouth water, it causes those little spikies in and around your tongue to start tingling. You might find your eyes lighting up, you're ears seeming to lower, and a rush flowing to what some have described as a golden headband around your head. It's savory, skunky, tangy, and creamy all at the same time. Upon exhale, you'll notice the savoriness actually gains, nearly to the point where I was wondering if there were black truffles lightly ground in - there aren't, it's just the aftertaste.


Epically grown in what were likely small batches, she's completely triched out with little loss or degradation from transport. It's texture is the ideal balance of brittleness and stickiness. When you break it up there's a supple feel and it really makes for the perfect roll. When we rolled a few and lit up behind a pub in Arlington at least three waiters commended us, two emphatically, on the "richness" of the smell. I must say, it smokes f*ing awesome!


To pick up some of this supremely connoisseur level ganja for yourself, give the legendary Top Secret DC a shout ASAP!

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