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Black Ice - Elevated Lounge

In the winter, during the bitter cold, you sometimes have to be careful not to slip on black ice. Well, I'm here to warn you, in the summertime, not to slip on this Black Ice from DC recreational storefront, Elevated Lounge.😆


An indica dominant hybrid that runs something like 70/30, this is a cross of Black Domina and Ice strains that is sure to get you absolutely ripped. It's aroma is funky and floral with hues of something spicy that lets you know just how venomously potent this one is.


Likely grown in an aeroponic system and tended to by a master cultivator, the trichomes are so heavy, so robust, that they look like giant ice stalagmites cascading down their nearly black slopes. For this reason, it's also likely there was supplemental CO2 in the room, which helps give the extra nudge over the quality line from designer exotic to extra special and, potentially, award-winning flower.


You can be packing this Black Ice up in your bong and feeling her tremendously euphoric total body buzz in no time. Just head to DC recreational storefront Elevated Lounge today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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