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Black Pearl - Exotic Organics

Yarrr! Have a look at this mysterious strain, worthy of Captain Jack Sparrow himself. She goes by the name of Black Pearl and she's ready to take you on a fantastic voyage of pure delight. Available from DC i-71 service, Exotic Organics, it's hard to say what the lineage of this designer strain is - it's a secret guarded closely like a pirate's chest.


What we can say is that it has some mesmerizing heady effects and, like any good sativa-heavy hybrid, it will make you feel a driving sense of motivation with an active mind for tackling your to do list. Just be careful to partake in her during daylight hours only, lest you be walking the plank all night long.


Her aroma screams exotic with a hard to place gassy and piney essence and a hint of lemon. In flavor there's kind of a sweet, skunky, but cake-like mix in your mouth upon exhale. If we had to encapsulate the flavor and aroma in a set of words it would be "funky-pine-cake". It's not fruity enough to keep you from getting scurvy, but it sure pairs well with a mug of grog!


With shades of purple so dark they more than justify the name, and golden hairs resembling the lux of any pirate hoard's treasure, we recommend rolling a fat joint of her just to see all the exotic colors coming together in a paper. While the trichomes indicate that this has been cured briefly, the storage, transport, and care were clearly on point and the quality remains intact. This batch definitely didn't spend any time in Davey Jones' locker at the bottom of the sea.


No need to raise the skull and crossbones flag and start plundering to get your hands on this pirate's booty, though. Just hit up Exotic Organics ASAP and tell them that Toker's Guide sent you in search of the legendary Black Pearl!

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