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Black Runtz - All American Papers

If you've tried all the other colors of Runtz, but not the Black Runtz, now's your chance to add it to your strain tracker. Doesn't everyone have a strain tracker? Anyhow, this batch is from DC recreational (i-71) storefront All American Papers and it's got some intensely dark coloration along with one of the most pungent Runtz aromas around.


Also note the heavy trichomes which, even though they're a bit oxidized, still indicate the quality of the genetics. While these buds are served in jars and their aroma and flavor are intact, I'd say their current status is "cured" as opposed to fresh. By the way, that aroma is a potent amalgamation of fruity, skunky, creamy and nutty. Roll this one in a joint and the intensity of the aroma and flavor go up a notch, seemingly infused by a gassy/petro essence. In any case, it makes for a great euphoric high that will hang with the best of other Runtz batches and colors.


An indica dominant hybrid cross of Zkittlez and Gelato strains, Runtz is commonly known for the aforementioned euphoric high or body "glow" and can bring a supremely stoney level of sedation with each session. The "Black" version, like the other colors, is just another phenotype selectively bred to have slightly different qualities in flavor, effect, and, of course, coloration.


So head to one of the four All American Papers storefronts in DC today and grab some of these Black Runtz for your own collection. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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