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Black Truffle - Top Level DC

This Black Truffle batch from DC i-71 Storefront Top Level DC has some of the deepest purples we've seen in a batch of cannabis. It's so dark and with twinkling trichomes throughout, that through the jar we joked that maybe they should consider calling it Starry Night instead. However, once we cracked open the jar and had a whiff all heads were simultaneously nodding in agreement about the name.


That's right, this one possesses an extremely striking and potent smell. It's earthy, gassy, piney, and super skunky, which is basically the epitome of dank when you think about it. You have to roll it in a paper to get some of the ultra exotic flavor that it possesses, but ultimately you'll get inundated with any pipe you try. Could it really have a hint of actual truffle in the aftertaste? Multiple parties have confirmed this, myself included.


It's lineage is super secret and with exotics like this it's not very surprising. We would probably keep genetics with these characteristics to ourselves too. What we can say is that it runs slightly on the indica side of the house (roughly 60/40) with a mesmerizing head buzz that pairs nicely with its kushy glow of a body buzz. The flavor also seemed to blend in with my experience more than usual and I caught whiffs of the smell far away from where we burned down. To say the aroma is strong would be an understatement. I bet it would even cause those truffle sniffing pigs to do a double take! 😂


So just follow your nose over to DC i-71 storefront Top Level asap to check out this Black Truffle and their selection of other amazing gifts. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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