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Bleu Cheese - All The Buzz

Happy Friday Tokers! It's May C. and I'm back to bring you another sparkling review for one of our new favorite storefronts that have been picking up “buzz” in the Petworth neighborhood. We linked up with All the Buzz this week and I rolled up some Blue Cheese🧀😆 so fresh it may as well have been sliced and crumbled on a charcuterie board paired with a southern cali red. It was that tasty!


From the moment I opened this jar, I knew I was dealing with an authentic cheese (full disclosure I did not enjoy anything about my first cheese strain but have since acquired the palette). This strain crumbled in my grinder like the perfect feta 🤗! You know the cheesy strains when you smell them. Eyes closed, I would recognize the distinct stank. Every connoisseur knows the specific aroma of a typical cheese strain. Blue Cheese greets you with a sophisticated, matured smell and leaves you with a sweet berry-like inkling. How can cannabis simultaneously smell as enticing as it is stanky like a cheese? By crossing Blueberry x UK Cheese, of course. It is the most aromatically repelling bud you will ever love.


All the Buzz is an i-71 compliant storefront found off of Georgia Ave. When you see the big bee, you have reached the hive. What’s the buzz? All the Buzz is creating a delightful individual-based experience for the cannabis curious and those in the know as well. Bringing good bud to NW DC is what ALL the Buzz is all about.


An 80:20 Indica leaning hybrid, Blue Cheese, smokes heavy. The physical smoke is rich and viscous. She packs the whole room along with an immediate head rush accompanied by a wonderfully relaxing but comprehensible and seemingly everlasting high. Nothing could interrupt my beautiful other-worldly buzz (not even the cicadas). The nugs off of Blue Cheese show density with light to medium tinted leaves teaming with copper wrapped pistils.

If you haven’t had the luxury of trying a cheese cannabis strain, we think you ought to! Head over to All the Buzz to get yourself some of this funky bud today - and tell them Toker's Guide Sent you!

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