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Blueberry Biscotti - Cannabear

In conversations with people throughout the DC area over the years I've noticed it's relatively common for them to A). medicate at night with indica's in order to get better sleep (or any at all in some cases) and B). seek Blueberry hybrids, when available, to accomplish this task. If this sounds like you and you're on the hunt for a solid indica check out this Blueberry Biscotti from DC i-71 delivery pro's Cannabear.


One of the famed indica dominant hybrids of the past couple decades, Blueberry is a cross of Purple Thai and Afghan known for its inundating euphoric effects and calming essence. To cross it with Biscotti, another laidback varietal and cross of Gelato, GSC, and South Florida OG, is something akin to making the ideal indica-heavy hybrid. It's a mash up of legendary old school and epic new school for sure. The result for our aforementioned indica seeking friends is what one of them has labelled as "the perfect bedtime treat".


As someone who does not need indica to sleep at night, I can say that this strain packs a mesmerizing, stoney high that is overtly relaxing. It also made me raid my fridge pretty hard and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out like a light.


Perhaps most intriguing about the strain, and notable aside from effects, is its unique and exotic flavor. Somewhere between tangy fruit rollup and skunky beer (in a good way), it has such an exotic taste, one that I have to recommend rolling in a joint or blunt to get the full mystifying experience. Even the smoke of this batch seems sort of mystic and almost blue-tinged.


Overall it's a great toke and one that will surely tuck you in softly at night. For your own jar of this top-shelf Blueberry Biscotti just hit up Cannabear DC today and schedule your delivery. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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