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Bougie Brittle - Groggy Grocer

Groggy Grocer and team produces a plethora of delicious goodies out of their research kitchen, all of which are delicious and may or may not be inspired by the spirit of Willy Wonka himself. That being said, we had to pick one thing to review in spite of wanting to try just about everything on his menu and for that we chose their Bougie Brittle 100mg bag. I specifically chose this item to review because I don’t actually enjoy peanut brittle on a personal level but in spite of my personal tastes, this product absolutely represents Groggy Grocer’s craft quality and prestigious culinary skills, and is ultimately a product I feel is worth endorsing. So much so that I’m not even sure if I don’t like peanut brittle anymore, it’s that good!


I think part of the reason why Groggy’s brittle is so scrumptious is because he sources super high quality ingredients for his concoctions, in this case, utilizing infused organic cane sugar as well as infused high-end european butter to create the amazingly medicated effects that we look for in our edibles. I cannot stress enough that the same principles that apply to good quality food products also apply to good quality cannabis edibles. At the end of the day, flavor is flavor, and your health is your health, and both things need to be considered when going about your edible purchases.


Herein lies the secret to Groggy’s top-shelf nature, not just with his brittle, but with all his unique and proprietary infusions. Not only does the Grocer team use high quality and organic ingredients for infusion, but they also spread out their dosing per unit using a blend of sugar AND butter. This is super cool for two reasons. The first is that it creates a more nuanced and unique high experience in that edibles created using just butter, or just oil, have a singular onset time. That onset will be a direct relationship to your own personal metabolism, what you ate previously, and the cannabinoid carrier used. Broadly speaking, sugars absorb into the body fastest, different types of oils will absorb in the medium to long term range, and butters will take the longest to absorb, so, a lolly pop infused with just sugar typically hits you way faster than a brownie made with just butter or just a heavy carrier oil.


The Bougie Brittle is made with an infused butter base and candied with an infused sugar allowing for ones body to absorb on two different timelines, effectively creating a much more unique, tiered, and crafty high that I find to be a much smoother and gentler come up than a single infusion product. This type of thought behind their product design is what really makes this group a force to be reckoned with for the foreseeable future, because they truly understand the nuances of the plant and are able to harness its power in ways that are pretty novel in the DC market place. But that’s not all…


The Bougie Brittle and indeed all food products out of their kitchen are physically made by a trained and experienced executive chef who ensures that the niche and craft science they developed can translate into something truly delicious. The other aspect often not considered by edible producers who use only one infusion ingredient is the fact that to hit a target dosage that is meaningful to a customer, anything from a 20mg to a 200mg edible, requires far more butter or oil than a traditional culinary recipe typically calls for. This is why it is so common to come across really greasy, oily, super buttery products that really feel like diabetes and heart attacks should be listed as potential side effects to this medication.

By spreading out their target dosage between two different mediums, the organic cane sugar and the european butter, Groggy Grocer and his team are able to create a brittle recipe that is as much a culinary masterpiece as it is a crafty nuanced high. This peanut brittle tastes like something you would get out of a high end confectionary and the high that follows ingestion is so smooth and enduring that I can no longer say that I do not like peanut brittle. I may never seek it out in the candy store at the mall but I will forever ask Groggy Grocer if he has more Bougie Brittle to munch on and for that I must applaud him.

The collaborative team effort and R&D behind this Bougie Brittle, for me, make it one of the most artisan cannabis edibles you can find in DC. Everything from its development to its effects just screams “Willy Wonka is making edibles” in my head and that is something just so cool and special to find in the i-71 space. Please let me know how the dual infusion mechanisms influence your high but don't forget, a whole bag contains 100mgs! Know your own tolerance and please enjoy the artisan high that the Grocer supplies.

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