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Candy Yams - The Garden DC

Strain: Candy Yams

Service: The Garden

Service Type: DC Dispensary

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Lean: Balanced 50/50

Initial Thoughts

Coming in hot with some farm-to-table fresh flower DC marijuana dispensary, The Garden, just cracked the seal on this Candy Yams. It's a batch that reels you in with its deliciously sweet aroma and will figuratively punch you in the nose before you even start salivating. With candy in the name, this one is definitely giving me Wonka vibes. 🍬🍠



Like dense storm clouds, these buds are poofy and thick with dark green coloration, stocky orange pistils, and lots of frosty trichomes.


Fresh, but starting to cure.


The sweet and sharp scent of candy and gasoline combined.



A smooth mix of garlic and peanuts.


The Candy Yams strain is a cross of Candy Rain and Jealousy that runs balanced at 50/50 on the indica/sativa spectrum.


Candy Yams feels like the first day of spring with a wave of positivity and relaxation washing over me. A well-balanced hybrid, I felt a mix of a happy-go-lucky mentality with relieving stimulation down my limbs like an easing, weightless feeling. This flower has legs too with a long lasting but steady buzz to put you in the right mood to take it easy or take care of business.



Having a fresh batch of these Candy Yams makes me as giddy as a fat kid on Thanksgiving. Enjoyable from the sugary aroma, smooth flavor, and steady buzz that keeps a smile on your face, it's hard to find a bad time to sneak away for a poof. Pick up a sack for yourself from The Garden today and be sure to give Toker’s Guide a shoutout at the counter.

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