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Cherry AK-47 Party Pack Pre-rolls - Joint Delivery

As I made my way around the District today - and let me acknowledge what a beautiful day it was - it became almost too easy to pull out this party pack of pre-rolls from Joint Delivery and spark one up. The usual challenges of: "where do I rolls this?", "how many should I roll?", "Do we have time to roll that many?", "will they get crushed in my pocket?", and the all-too-common "where'd my lighter go?" are pretty much all solved with this one simple contraption.


That's correct, not only does this highly useful re-usable plastic pack come with 10 delectable pre-rolls, it also contains one JD branded lighter. For the type and contents of the pre-rolls note that I went the sativa route (gotta get sh*t done people) with the always enjoyable Cherry AK-47. If other shops traditionally use lesser or older bud for their pre-rolls, this is not the case as the bud was fresh and the toke was smooth and on point. But, this should come as no surprise given Joint Delivery's persistent presence as one of the top gifters reviewed on our site.


If you're not familiar with AK-47 it's a sativa-heavy hybrid running about 70/30 that is the amalgamation of landrace cannabis varietals Columbian, Afghani, Mexican, and Thai. It's highly cerebral in nature, much like a haze, and will give you energy for mind and body while promoting an overall calming sensation as well. The Cherry phenotype of AK is simply a cut that has come to elicit sour and fruit forward characteristics much like the tree born fruit of its namesake.


Pro tip: if you take the time to pinch the tops of these - or any - pre-rolls between your index finger and thumb, making a flat crown at the top like the image below, you'll find that it smokes much smoother and won't run as easily. I use this method in every joint that I roll and it has always seemed to work nearly as well when I retro-fit previously rolled joints (<---isn't this what pre-roll is the abbreviation for?). 🤔🤓


For the convenience factor, effectiveness, quality of toke, and re-usability of the Party Pack Pre-rolls I have to give it full marks and two thumbs up. So hit up DC i-71 delivery savants Joint Delivery today and grab some for yourself! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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