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Cherry Chem by District Cannabis - Liberty, Rockville (MD Medical)

What's up Maryland?!?! Check out this Cherry Chem cultivated by District Cannabis and available at Liberty Cannabis medical dispensary in Rockville, MD. It's got such a smooth and snuggly buzz that will rock your body once you spark it up and the aroma is skunky and gassy with a hint of pine. It's the style of bud that once the bag pops open it might take a split second for the smell to circulate around the room, but once it does, suddenly everybody's gotta have a hit.


However, they should beware that if you hit this sedating indica too hard it could lead to an unintended face down session with the couch. Yes, leave this one for the evening hours - unless you need some serious daytime rest - and I think you'll be amazed at just how stoney it can get you. Your fridge might even take a midnight beating you don't recall until the flashbacks start happening the next day. Did you really eat a half pound of tuna salad by yourself last night? Yes. Yes you did.😳🤤


An indica dominant hybrid cross of famed Chemdawg and Cherry Pie, there's no lack of powerhouse genetics in the lineage and the already discussed super duty flavor let's you know this right off the bat. But, other telling signs of a great pedigree and cultivator are the amount of trichomes (plentiful), the exotic coloration, and the spongy yet crisp texture. Notably it also burns fast and super white in any apparatus, and truly any apparatus will do the trick with this beautiful batch.


At 26.6% THC it's got the test scores high enough to let you know it's at the head of the class. For those with tolerance and palate worthy of this cut just take your Maryland medical marijuana ID and head to Liberty Rockville ASAP to grab some of this powerful Cherry Chem for yourself. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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