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Cherry Diesel by Alternative Solutions - Takoma Wellness Center

With pale green buds that are heavily covered in starry, twinkly trichomes and an immensely gassy aroma check out this fresh Cherry Diesel. Bred and grown by DC craft cultivators Alternative Solutions (Atl Sol) and available at top DC medical marijuana dispensary Takoma Wellness Center, this is an amazing batch of this phenomenal diesel crossbreed.


Though it has Diesel in the lineage and is the result of Cherry OG crossed with Turbo Diesel, this strain is actually balanced in effects and something near a 50/50 hybrid on the indica/sativa spectrum. We've reviewed it before, but this latest generation seems to be even more gassy and potent than our notes from the last go 'round.

There are hints of fruit when you stick your nose in the jar, but it's not until you squeeze or break it up that the true cherry notes emerge with gusto. This is also when other fragrances are released from the gassy, skunky side of the house and I almost sense rich coffee beans as well. The blending of this sweet, but tart fruitiness with the rich, savory diesel fumes is definitely in my top ten favorite cannabis flower aromas of all time.


In flavor, the boldness of the skunky, diesel aspects in the nose emerge first, but the fruity after taste is soon to follow. I enjoy this one the most in the bong because, similar to the benefits of the blended contrasting flavors, the blending of euphoric and energetic effects can be experienced as a powerful rush. These effects race to your head like a freight train at first, but soon emanate all around you in an immersive full-body high.


To jump onboard the Cherry Diesel train and grab some of these gorgeous Alt Sol buds for yourself just head to Takoma Wellness Center medical dispensary ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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