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Crème Brulée - DC Dash

Check out this batch of Crème Brulée now available from DC recreational (i-71) delivery service, DC Dash. It's got that funky cream aroma and flavor that make for a delectably dessert-like treat. But, for all you indica lovers out there, this one has all the sedative euphoria you need to help kick your feet up and relax all weekend long.


It's an indica-heavy cross of Platinum Kush, OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies strains that runs something like 80/20 on the indica/sativa spectrum. Whether after brunch or after dinner, you can be sure this will serve as both digestivo and relaxant. Perfect for a Saturday spent mostly horizontal and watching football, baseball, or streaming Netflix, you MIGHT have enough energy to muster a golf clap before returning to your cocoon of blankets.


Easy to roll and ready to turn any joint into an exotically delicious toking experience, it's choice enough for the connoisseur, but presents no red flags for the novice despite its elevated potency. The only risk to point out in my mind would be napping so much you accumulate drool stains on your couch. 🤤


To catch the stoney R & R you've been missing while you were working your butt off all week just hit up DC Dash today and they'll have some of this Crème Brulée to you right away. Then, use Promo Code "TOKERS" to get 15% off your order...okay?

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