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Crystal Coma - No Kids Allowed

The amazingly delightful crew at No Kids Allowed was able to source one of my favorite genetics as an excellent addition to their gift selection. A rare, sativa-leaning cross of legendary Skunk and Cheese strains, Crystal Coma offers cannabis connoisseurs a unique flavor palette and basket of effects to log in their personal database of experiences.


When grinding and smelling this flower, and indeed even taking a dry hit, one gets the super piney notes almost immediately, then the citrus pours over top. This is underscored with some floral notes as well, creating a truly exotic bouquet.

Note, however, that where this strain gets its namesake is in reference to her effects. It is after the smoke has lingered a bit and you've waded through the piney forest of flavor that it hits you - why have I been staring at the wall in a fast-paced, heart-racing daydream for the last 5 minutes (or was it longer)? The coma is for real, but it's not sleep-oriented and it's certainly not drowsy. No, this strain comes with the active mind component often present in sativas, especially those with haze lineages. You'll have the energy to think about doing a multitude of activities, but you may just enjoy rifling through all the possibilities in your mind, instead. As my friend succinctly put it: "it induces a super intense, mesmerizing and spellbound state of euphoric mental energy." I think that's spot on.


In terms of structure, these buds are fresh, grown indoor, and supple/spongy to the touch just as you'd want them to be. It burns nice and smooth and the ash afterwards, you'll find, is that extremely white kind associated with a well orchestrated flush at the end of cultivation and just before harvest.


Again, I want to stress the delightful nature of the No Kids Allowed crew - as I think I will each and every time I review them. The comfort and compassion and genuine joyous positive vibes that flow out of their storefront is palpable and I feel that all NKA flower reviews need to acknowledge this fact. We should all be more attentive to the notion that behind the quality cannabis are quality people who care. NKA achieves a high standard day in and day out and this Crystal Coma is one of many examples of that quality manifesting into the marketplace. They and their team are one of the reasons that we are getting closer and closer to the quality, established industry our community has fought for and deserves.

So for a great i71 experience and some of the best weed in the city check out storefront No Kids Allowed. If you're a sativa lover for daytime toking like me, grab some of this Crystal Coma while you're there and add some headspace energy to your Labor Day weekend journeys!

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