Designer Strain Deathmatch - Peanut Butter Minntz vs Collins Ave Cookies

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

So we thought we'd mix things up a little bit on this gloomy Saturday and, in a nod to MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch of yesteryear, we are going to have a good ol' fashioned throwdown! Except in this case, we're going to pit two amazing batches of fine shrubbery from the always delightful Joint Delivery against each other. What happens to the loser? It immediately gets rolled up and scorched in a joint! Huzzah!

First off, I want to be clear about the title. We do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone the killing of anything. Second, technically both of these strains comes from a collaboration between Cookies and Seed Junky Genetics. While the "Cookies" is certainly emphasized on the back of the Collin's avenue packaging, it's nowhere to be found on the "Minntz". So basically this is a battle all within the Cookies' dojo, if you will.

Let's learn a bit about our contestants:

In the left corner, hailing from California with strong Miami influence, she was born from the mind meld of rappers Rick Ross and Berner (cookies owner) and stands a super dense and robust 50/50 hybrid cross of Kush Mints 11 and GTI. Like the "lights" on the front of her packaging imply, she's basically bright neon freaking green. Like no other Cookies trained batch you've seen before, she's the incredible, formidable, Collins Avenuuuuuuuue!

Cookies Collins Avenue

In the right corner, also hailing from California, she's got a deliciously powerful lineage with Peanut Butter Breath and Kush Mints as parents. She may look like a 50/50 hybrid, but she has the sedative power to lay you out, leaving your head floating in delirious delight. Yet the exotic piney/buttery/coffee-like aroma will keep luring you back for more. Like the colors of a frosty outdoor blue spruce evergreen tree after a heavy snow, she's clearly been cultivating her style under the highest of scrutiny. She's the amazing, the magnificent, Peanut Butter Minnnnnnnnnnntz!

Peanut Butter Minntz

...and both of these strains have the capacity to unleash a real wallop. The question in this match may come down not to which one hits harder, but which one outlasts the other.

Peanut Butter Minntz Macro

At the outset, it's Peanut Butter Minntz with an early edge. She really came out swinging with a nose that almost completely overtakes the senses. Collins Ave is really stunned here, but never fear, what she lacks in pungency she more than makes up for in her intimidating appearance.


Cookies Collins Avenue Macro

Ohhhh, Collins Ave just took off and pummeled Minntz - just look at all those spectacular, twinkling trichomes on her! With just one hit, she's completely taken the lead here. How can you argue with such an inundating cookie flavor AND stupendous non-drowsy high?

With hit after hit, Collins Ave is now taking it to Minntz. You might have thought that her sweet sugary nose couldn't compete with the Minntz's overt aroma, but the Cookies were just way too powerful in effect. There's almost nothing Minntz can do at this point! Folks, the ref is calling this one, it's already ALL OVER!

Cookies Collins Avenue Inside View

That's right, even though both these strains are powerful opponents, hailing from the same Cookies-focused dojo and even sharing the Kush Mints lineage, the Collins Ave is just too strong and, I must say, much more of what I'm looking for in a Saturday afternoon strain. After all, who wants to get droopy eyes and couch lock when there's football to be psyched about? Peanut Butter Minntz, you are obviously wonderful, and I'm going to really enjoy rolling you up and burning you down later tonight, but the winner of this match is most definitely Cookies' Collins Ave!

To pit these two strains (and many, many others) against each other for yourself hit up Joint Delivery today. Stay tuned in the weeks ahead for more Designer Strain "Deathmatches" to come!

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