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Dirty Squirt - LOCAL'd

LOCAL'd not only gifts locally cultivated ganja, they're also the purveyors of 100% local products from local companies. As mentioned in prior articles, we're big fans of this local-focused business model and we really like their latest batch of local fire which goes by the name of Dirty Squirt.


With small local batches you get to experience the TLC that someone nearby has put into their plants and you're supporting their craft, making local cannabis better for everyone. You can call this Dirty Squirt some of the fruits of those local labors.


A cross of Gushers and Don Mega, don't confuse this indica-heavy Dirty Squirt with the sativa-heavy Squirt. While there are some initial uplifting effects, she will set you down in a highly euphoria driven state of relaxation.


Notice that the trichomes and stigmas (hairs) are all still very much intact and there's basically zero compression of these buds. That means when you're rolling her up you're getting first dibs on some of the freshest and most terp laden trichomes - ones which otherwise may have been left stuck to the inside of a vacuum sealed bag.


To get some of this local, chem-like, Dirty Squirt just hit up DC i-71 service LOCAL'd today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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