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Eat My Cookie - Top Secret DC

Hey everyone! It's not quite Breaking News worthy....or is it? Maybe it should be? Regardless, I really wanted to make everyone aware of some really good tree coming out of Top Secret DC as I write this. It's called Eat My Cookie and it's a ridiculously strong, exotic, and super mysterious Cookie family hybrid. Check it out:

I actually had this strain for the first time in LA. It's highly skunky and cake-like in both flavor and aroma and it hits like a freight train to your dome. Def. rip this one in the bong and enjoy your voyage to Narnia. Very, very euphoric indica tendencies, but weirdly still possessing enough energy to keep you from face planting in couch-lock pose.

Ideally grown and smattered with heavy layers of white trichomes, its sexiness harkens to a handful of freshly baked sugar cookies, perhaps with purple and green sprinkles. Yet, maybe the most appropriate cookie would be, in fact, a fig newton. There's savory, a tinge of fruitiness, and it's quite sticky too. A cookie is a cookie, but "Eat My Cookie" is here to get you...baked?

Overall, intriguing name, GREAT buzz, amazing tree. I hope you all get a chance to grab yours from Top Secret Dc! Have a great weekend!


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