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Evermore Dark Chocolate Discos - The Living Room (MD Medical)

Strain: Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) blend

​Dispensary: The Living Room

Location: Pikesville, MD

Overall Rating: 8.7/10

​Lean: Balanced

Initial Thoughts

I'm always movin' and shakin' or on-the-go and most of the time I can't partake in cannabis via my preferred method - glass bong. Therefore, to help with my pain management needs and keep me going I often rely on edibles. In the vast and expanding world of cannabis edibles these Dark Chocolate Discos from Maryland medical cannabis company, Evermore, have been my go-to option lately. They're currently available at The Living Room dispensary in Pikesville, MD and they've had me dancing nicely through my hectic week so far. You might even say that, thanks to these little "Discos", I've really been "stayin' alive recently". 🪩🕺😂



Round, dark brown, chocolates about the size of a bottle cap with the letters "THC" and 3 leaf emblem on them.


These are made with Full Extract Cannabis Oil, also known as FECO, which means that they have a higher therapeutic value. This is because FECO uses the whole plant in its formulation and, by extracting all of a cannabis plant's compounds, it captures the most beneficial aspects possible. Evermore also uses premium cocoa to make their discos and all the ingredients are USDA organic, GMO-free, vegan, soy free, dairy free, and direct trade certified. Also note that each disc is 35mg and there are ten (10) of them per pack.



The quality of the ingredients is very evident in the flavor. Each one is highly delectable and much more along the lines of gourmet versus store bought. They melt in your mouth, taste of exquisite dark chocolate, and have just a hint of the FECO extract.



The proof of the ingredient quality isn't only in the flavor, the effects are also much more in-line with full body and entourage effects similar to those from toking. This is a far departure from my usual experiences with distillate containing edibles, which usually just make me feel a bit disoriented and sleepy.



The Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) makes all the difference with these Evermore Dark Chocolate Discos and they work exceptionally well. If you're not familiar with cannabis edibles or have a low tolerance be sure to start low (I have also seen 10mg discos) and go slow because these are quite potent. For me, though, one of the 35mg discs does the trick for about 6 hours and keeps me doing "The Hustle". To pick some up for your own needs and catch the "Disco Fever" just head to The Living Room today. Don't forget to mention that you heard about them on Toker's Guide!


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