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Flan - Elevated Lounge

I had never had the cannabis strain Flan before being handed this gift to sample by DC i-71 storefront Elevated Lounge, so when I saw the name I was pretty psyched. But, when I cracked the bag and sniffed I, mistakenly, assumed it was an edible that was strangely packaged in one of their flower bags. This was because the smell, in that brief moment, was just so obviously some sort of baked treat it completely fooled my senses, and my better judgement.

Then, before I could peer inside, my colleague remarked, "Yeah, check THAT bud out. It's super pretty!"

"Wait, this is flower?" I said reaching into the pack to confirm that, yes, there was in fact a large bud, not a sugary dessert inside.

What I subsequently pulled out of that bag was simply stunning. Literally one of the most beautiful and mouthwatering cola's I had ever seen.

"Holy, Sh*T!" I exclaimed. "That's some fire!"


I don't know about you, but the flan that I've had before has been either at a Spanish tapas restaurant or as a part of fine French dining. In both of these experiences it has been a sweet, creamy, and caramel dessert that was spongy and soft. Typically a beige and brown, it's not that much to look at, but is a highly delectable treat when prepared right.


Well, normal flan, get ready to eat your heart out because this Flan is jaw-droppingly gorgeous AND tastes phenomenal. Maybe they should consider carrying this version on the dessert menus at fine dining establishments instead?

An indica-leaning hybrid crossbreed of Mochi (aka "Mochi Gelato" or "Gelato 47") and Dosidos, this strain hits like a champ - thick, creamy, and fruity, but also super smooth with a highly complex aftertaste. Experienced connoisseurs will know as soon as the exit smoke begins to pour out that this is truly something special.


While we may not have a snowy white Christmas in store for us in the DC area this year, you could consider making up for it with a batch of amazing snow-covered looking Flan instead. To get yours head over to DC storefront Elevated Lounge today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for your special bonus gift!

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