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Gelato #45 - Bagged Buds

We've reviewed a number of different Gelato's now from 33 to 74. I'm actually kind of surprised we haven't reviewed a 45 before, like this one from DC I-71 service Bagged Buds. A cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Sherbet, it possesses a sweeter, creamier profile than other Gelato's, but still comes with strong side of earthy skunkyness now notorious to the cultivar in general.

One of the things I like the most about the Gelato's is their uncanny knack for giving you a really great body buzz. The kind where you've just pulled a massive tube, you know you're going to get pretty high and as you're walking away it still catches you by surprise when the euphoric fingers of the buzz's onset begin walking up your spine - so delightful!

Many people are turned off by the smell of Gelato from the first crack of the bag or jar. This is because often its aroma can build up intensity and when released comes out in concentrations of floral energy that some are unprepared for. I sort of equate this with opening a bottle of fine wine and immediately smelling it from the top. This can generate undesirable responses to what is otherwise an excellent bottle. Instead, smell the cork first and let the bottle breath before evaluating. Gelato, as a cannabis strain, is quite similar. Crack the bag, wait about 20 seconds, then take a deep long inhale for at least 3 seconds. A good friend once told me that it's not until about the 2.5 second mark of smelling that a bud's true aroma comes shining through.

To give this Gelato #45 - and the smell test I just mentioned - a try, hit up the long running and reliable Bagged Buds and grab yourself a bag today!


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