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Gelato Grape Pie & Cake Crasher - by Jawi Grown

Strains: Gelato Grape Pie, Cake Crasher

Cultivator: @Jawigrown2

Market: DC i-71

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant, Balanced

Initial Thoughts

We caught some samples of an amazing local harvest by Jawi (@jawigrown2) recently and just had to share. We're psyched that there's some excellent cultivation going on in the District and can't wait to see more future harvests from them. We have four to report on, but the first two are this phenomenal Gelato Grape Pie specimen and some completely trich'd out Cake Crasher.



The Gelato Grape Pie is almost entirely purple with flecks of bright green and a frosty layer of white trichomes. The Cake Crasher has pale and lime greens with flecks of dark turquoise and a heavy coating of frosty trich's everywhere.


Fresh and just beginning to cure.


The Gelato Grape Pie is a fresh, creamy, and tangy gelato scent with some berry notes. The Cake Crasher is sweet and sugary with a doughy, cookie-like aroma.



The Gelato's flavor is much like the aroma, but note there's a mega exotic and potent aftertaste that kicks your salivation into full gear. The Cake Crashers is also like the aroma, but with a surprisingly strong gassiness and notes of fuel to go along with the doughiness. Both are spectacularly delicious.



As you might have guessed the Gelato Grape Pie is simply Gelato X Grape Pie and it runs indica dominant at 70/30. The Cake Crasher is a cross of Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher that some have labelled indica-dominant, but we found to be more balanced. In both cases these are obviously some top shelf genetics and Jawi's pheno selection has made his harvests truly shine in the olfactory and gustatory departments.



The Gelato Grape Pie is a great all around calming and chilled out experience. It's not terribly sedating or drowsiness inducing, but you'll probably be best to partake in its immensely euphoric effects in the late afternoon or evening. With the Cake Crasher, as mentioned above, things were more balanced and the high was uplifting with an energetic headspace. The duration of the high with the Cake Crasher was also notable and seemed to just keep going and going.


With such distinctly different profiles and effects it would be unfair to pit these two gorgeous varietals against each other, so instead I'll present them as wonderful compliments. Indeed, I found the Cake Crasher to be a wonderful go-to day time option while the Gelato Grape Pie was my late afternoon and after dinner chill mode selection. To learn more about Jawi and his awesome local grown craft cannabis you can check them and their beautiful harvest photos on IG @jawigrown2.

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Robart Lee
Robart Lee
Feb 16, 2023

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