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Glass-tipped Dogwalker Pre-rolls by MOTA - No Kids Allowed DC

Back with another glass-tipped ready-to-burn option, DC recreational storefront No Kids Allowed has these MOTA Dogwalkers you should check out - even if you don't have a dog. What's a dogwalker? It's an abbreviated version of a joint that doesn't take as long to smoke. You might say you can burn one down in the time it takes to walk your dog - hence the name. It also provides a somewhat clandestine way to refer to a joint or the sharing of one: "Wanna take the dog for a walk? I've got a couple dogwalkers." See, doesn't that sound more sophisticated?


Of course, the addition of glass tips takes it to another level of sophistication altogether. Their inclusion is one championed by connoisseurs because it makes for a far better toking experience with improved flavor, suction control, and cleanliness. Maybe you've had one of those moments where you're hitting an awesome joint down to it's nub only to realize, much later, that it was painting your teeth and lips brown with sticky resin? Now you can prevent these types of embarrassing stoner moments.


If a refined experience is what you're after then one must also consider that the contents of these dogwalkers isn't your average, run-of-the-mill breeds. These, in particular, hold some astoundingly potent GMO flower with the stuck on COA's to prove it (as seen below). Note the 31.1% THCA.


Rich with a delectable garlicky flavor and hashy aftertaste, save these GMO Dogwalkers for the evening rounds with pooch and its indica-heavy euphoric buzz will tuck you nicely into bed later on. It also makes snuggling extra cozy if your furry friend decides to curl up with you.


For more sophisticated, exciting jaunts with your pup (or pups) head to No Kids Allowed today and grab a pack of these glass-tipped dogwalkers. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!


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