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HALO-HALO vs Bubblegum Cherries - Exotic Organics

Among the slew of designer flower packs over at DC recreational (i-71) delivery service Exotic Organics are this Halo-Halo and Bubblegum Cherries. They are similar, but each is incredible in their own way. I'll let you gather the info about the original breeders and cultivators of these strains from the images of the packs below, but let me just say...the Halo-Halo pack design is absolutely eye-popping.


...but, you know, it's what's on the inside that counts. Dare I say what's on the inside is, in my mind, superior to even the celebrated art of the pack - in the case of the Halo Halo that is. For the other bag it's more about what it says than any artwork and, then again, the contents are even more special.


Diving into the Halo-Halo, though the genetics are a mystery, this is likely a cross of Halo OG and Gelato that runs something like a balanced 50/50 when it comes to indica/sativa ratio. Therefore, you can feel good about ripping down this delectable flavor and experiencing these mega-potent effects nearly any time of day.


With an aroma like a funky gelato, but with a piney OG skew, it will have you loading up the bong over and over just to experience the flavor again one more time. Perhaps that's why they gave it the name of an ever popular Filipino frozen dessert, one typically made with nearly all the sweet and delicious flavors in your cupboard.


Similarly, the Bubblegum Cherries has an intensely complex delectable flavor, but with a pronounced citrusy twang. It also has a lineage that's shrouded in mystery, but we can't blame them - these are obviously some sought after seeds and clones if and when available.


In terms of effects, both strains are very, very potent and highly balanced so it's hard to distinguish much difference. If forced to choose, however, I'd say the Bubblegum Cherries has a slightly more sedative lean to it making it even more stoney and relaxing.


Fresh, still soft, and mostly pliable, the most notable thing about each of these specimens aside from flavor is the completely insane amount trichomes covering them. They are the epitome of "trich'd out" and also "super-rare designer bud".


Too close to call a winner, we have to call this match up a draw. But, if you pick them both up we promise you'll win twice over. To get some for your own collection just hit up Exotic Organics asap. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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