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Hasidic Grapes - Exotic Blooms

I really hope I didn't just interrupt your Friday night ZOOM call with this super important announcement. Just kidding. I hope I did. This weed is better than any ZOOM call. After all, It might be my favorite indica of the summer. It's called Hasidic Grapes and it's brought to you (us) by the forever impressive Exotic Blooms. With tree like this these guys are putting serious pressure on the other players in DC. Heads up!

Referring simply to the strain, Hasidic Grapes hails out of Souther California's (Coachella Valley no less) notorious King's Garden. It's a cross of Jew's Gold (aka Kosher Kush) and Grape Pie, which runs on the indica side of hybrid, and it often packs a 30%+ THC score when tested.

In terms of flavor profile, this is truly as exotic as it gets. On one level it comes in as something like a blueberry muffin, then it exits about 80 shades of flavor to the left with something like grape hookah meets afghani spice rack. Just astoundingly complex and very hard to place - but mouthwatering at the same time.

Looking into the structure and cultivation of this batch, there are literally no imperfections. It's basically been sand blasted with overtly starry trichomes and it has that crispy, crunchy sound under your fingers that lets you know just how well flushed and cured it is.

Rip this one in a joint to get the most out of the exotic flavor. When you do, you'll notice the nearly spiritually strong effects overtaking you in no time. Vastly euphoric and ready to set you gently into your resting place for the rest of the evening like a warm fuzzy blanket, even the most seasoned smokers will be numbingly unwound by this one's indica bliss.

To get yours hit up Exotic Blooms today and tell them "TokerGuide" sent you!


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