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Icicles - District Derp

This Icicle specimen from DC i-71 delivery and pickup service District Derp is fresh, funky, and ready to send you into a stoney state of bliss - one where you may, in fact, ponder: Can Icicles be fluffy? Well, these Icicles are!


A hybrid crossbreed of White Sherbert and Jet Fuel Gelato, this strain runs 90/10 indica dominant and comes with a blanket-like warm and fuzzy body buzz. It's long lasting and highly sedative, which makes it a great choice for some evening R & R.


The aroma is heavy and similar to an exotic kush, yet with hints of creamy and gassy gelato-esque hues. The flavor is the same, but with the addition of subtle fruity notes. Personally, I thought this ripped really well in the bong and it was a go-to as a sort of post dinner digestif.


The trichomes are caught between white and starry on the outside, but inside the twinkles abound as what seem like tiny icicles gleam everywhere. Surely this is where this cultivar got its name - its overtly frosty and plentiful kief.


We've really been enjoying District Derp's selection of premium flower recently and this batch of Icicles is certainly no exception. To get some for your collection hit up District Derp ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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