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Introducing, Neon Treez DC

Let me start by saying that we are SO very excited to include Neon Treez among our list of clients. These guys have been perfecting their art and have some of the truly finest cannabis in the District. They're also all about curing it to perfection and then making sure it gets to you in the same shape (by jar). You may have seen some of their handy work around the I-71 scene already, but they've broken out on their own and you, DC, can now get access to their insanely good top-shelf flower!

Let's start with this Red Dragon. A nearly perfect specimen of pure sativa energy and joy this is one of my favorite strains of their's. It's fruity in an almost effervescent way and comes with what feels like a headband of golden electricity in terms of effects. It's also got that crisp "snap" and "crunch" when you break it up that lets you know it's going to be a great smoke.

Or how about this legit AF Wedding Mintz. An absolutely phenomenal crossbreed of Wedding Cake and Kush Mintz, this has a flavor and aroma that is absolutely to drool over - no hyperbole. This IS my favorite indica-heavy hybrid at the moment and believe me when I tell you this one will get you STONED!

^^^ More Wedding Mints love above ^^^

Of course, even though we've already reviewed it, no introduction to Neon Treez would be complete without covering their coveted Yeti Glue. This is the stuff trichome and glue fanatics write to all their friends about - I know this because I definitely did. Huge fan of the "Yeti" and even though it runs pretty much in the middle I really dig it during the morning in the summers, especially cooling down after a morning run or ride.

I highly recommend that you give our fine flower-focused friends over at Neon Treez a shout today while they still have some of this amazing batch of primo indoor fire available! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you to get even more hooked up!

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