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Panama Red - Kinfolk Dispensary

Hey Tokers! We're so extremely excited to start bringing you DC medical cannabis reviews! Note that we'll soon also have a guide on how to get your medical marijuana licenses in both DC and VA. To all my VA tokers - don't forget there's reciprocity for all other states' medical marijuana programs in DC! Why do I remind you of this? Turns out getting your medical license in VA is quite simple and takes very little time at all. Much more on this soon - stay tuned! For now I'd like to tell you all about Kinfolk Dispensary and this absolutely phenomenal landrace sativa they have known as Panama Red.

Kinfolk, previously going by the name of Metropolitan Wellness Center, is a delightfully charming medical marijuana dispensary in SE Washington DC, very close to the Eastern Market metro stop (though opening up a new location soon!). Their product specialist, Stefany, was overtly kind and extremely knowledgeable about all of their inventory. As was their manager, Nia, who was happy to answer all of my questions and share details about their mission - one that is patient-centric at it's core - with a bright and warming smile. The levels of positivity, compassion, and passion for the subject matter were all palpable and I couldn't have had a more pleasant experience! Thank you Stefany and Nia!

After discussing a few options that patients have recently been raving about, we settled on this Panama Red - along with two others that we'll also be bringing to you soon.


Depending on your musical tastes you may have heard about Ol' Panama Red in a song by the same name written by Peter Rowan and played by he and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. The song made its way to the album entitled, The Adventures of Panama Red in 1973 by way of the New Riders of the Purple Sage, the San Fran psychedelic rock band of the late sixties and seventies originally featuring some members of the Grateful Dead themselves. Per the song, Panama Red has a tendency to "steal your women and then (he'll) rob your head". At the time many confusingly thought the song was about an illness or disease that would effect towns in the SW and Mexico. In reality, it was in reference to the astoundingly good Panamanian weed being smuggled into the US then and throughout the 1970's and early 1980's.


The jovial song may somewhat exaggerate the effects of Ol' Panama Red on the town, but it should also serve as a warning to those without much sativa tolerance. Let me be even more clear: If you are a newcomer to cannabis or just sativa in general, you probably want to leave this one alone or, at least, tread lightly.


Yes, with its dramatically skunky yet savory aroma and flavor surrounding, this one will absolutely light up your dome with an immediate and crushing rush of head-centered euphoria. It doesn't even wait for exhale, it just nails you. It's disorienting at first, even to the most seasoned toker, but soon gives way to an all encompassing mellow buzz of pure delight. You'll feel light on your toes, giddy with a head full of carnival-esque joy, and ready with energy for whatever activities you crave.

The structure, beauty, freshness, and trichome coverage must also be mentioned here and given full marks. Sure, this is medical bud and you expect it to be top quality, but this is obscenely good with the highest level of attention and care given by the cultivator.

Overall, one thing is for certain: When this Panama Red "comes breezin' through town", make sure you grab some for yourself. It's not going to "steal your woman" but it just might "rob your head" (of stress) for a while. Give Kinfolk Dispensary a shout today and grab yourself a bag before it's gone!


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