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Kush Mintz - Joint Delivery

So, I'd like to mention that I got a pretty sweet new lens for my camera that allows me to take photos at much greater magnifications. What does this mean? Well, I got to nerd out and snap magnified photos of buds for a few hours this afternoon. What does this mean for you? It means that photos are about to get even more interesting and even more in-depth discussions about various cultivars can ensue! Get psyched!

Today's specimen is one that I'm especially fond of presently called Kush Mintz. It comes to us from the one and only Joint Delivery, whom you may have noticed has climbed to the 2nd spot on our Top Five list (and deservingly so given its current lineup of flower).

Kush Mintz is a relatively new, kickass hybrid strain that runs true to its proclaimed 50/50 indica to sativa ratio. With Bubba Kush and Animal Mintz parents, its potency easily rises to the low to mid 20's regarding THC levels and it packs a knockout euphoric body buzz without too much concern for couch-lock (though it is certainly possible). Overall, I'd say it's a really happy, mellow, cookies-esque high with a strong kush back.

The aroma is the first aspect to astound you when you pop open the pack. It literally makes your mouth water similar to opening a pack of thin mint girl scout cookies (like the actual cookies) after plucking them from the freezer. It's remarkably minty, doughy, skunky, and coffee-like in flavor and it burns so fast and so smooth you can't help but to keep filling the pipe or vape up again and again.

If this bud was a comic book character super hero its awesome super power would be its freakish mutant trichomes. These things are huge, seemingly sharp, and arranged quite neatly in almost razor wire-like fashion. They won't actually cut you of course and you might even think about how the meanness they seem to express visually actually translates into one of the meanest toking experiences I've had in a long time. That's "Mean" in a good way, of course.

If you're a fan of really great fucking weed - and if you've read this far I know you are - then I highly recommend hitting up Joint Delivery today and picking up some for yourself.

Next up, I'll compare and contrast this Kush Mintz with the similarly amazing M.A.C. & Mintz (also currently available from Joint Delivery).

Don't forget to mention promo code "TokersGuide" for $10 off!


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