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LA Confidential - House of Herbs (DC)

They say the "confidential" in LA Confidential comes from the mystery surrounding both of this cultivar's parents, Afghani and California Indica. Not because it's hard to get your hands on some Afghani or some California Indica, but because the specific phenotypes that went in are kept, well, confidential.


Therefore, there have been many attempts to recreate it, each with its own results. In the case of this batch from DC i-71 storefront, House of Herbs, we have a prototypical specimen, with super light green features and a very healthy blanket of trichomes. The aroma is sweet, but with piney hues. It crumbles easily into what amounts to perfect little mounds of rolling material for some pretty epic joints. However, I think as a shoutout to our blunt-loving friends in the LA area we'll have to roll this one in an organic hemp blunt wrap.


Nearly a full Indica at 95%/5% you may need to grab some pillows, a blanket, and be prepared to vegetate on the couch while you're blasted on this batch. Hey, maybe you can even watch the movie from the 90's of the same name. You know, smoke some LA Confidential while watching LA Confidential. Don't worry when you wake up from your weed nap several hours later and you've accidentally drooled on your remote we'll keep it...confidential. 😂


To get some for your own jar just head to DC i-71 storefront, House of Herbs ASAP. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you at checkout to get your free pre-roll!

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