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Lemon Cream - Top Level DC

A slightly sativa dominant hybrid cross of Lemon and Cookies and Cream strains, this Lemon Cream from DC recreational storefront, Top Level DC is capable of inspiring an energetic headspace blended with calming effects. It's a buzz where creativity comes more easily and you're able to fight off your ailments while maintaining a level of focus not often afforded to other more indica-heavy options.


The nose, as you might have bet, is full of lemons and tangy, skunky notes. When you first open the jar it's the kind of aroma that'll make you pull back a little given the sheer intensity of it all. You'll definitely want to roll this one up to get the funky flavor it's known for, though. Each toke can sway somewhere between sour skunk and creamy chem, making for a veritable tour of the olfactory and gustatory senses.


Though the status of this specimen is a little more on the cured side versus the fresh side, the caliber is evident in the coloration and, especially, the trichome levels. It's obvious this was grown by expert cultivators using superb genetics.


So if you're looking for something with some, but not too much, sativa influence and a lot of funky lemon skunkiness just head on over to storefront Top Level DC asap. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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