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Lemon Creme Pie Cart - DMV Organics

You know what i love fellow tokers? Extracts and concentrates! You know what i despise?

Messy laborious dab rigs and the whole cleaning and maintenance required thereof! Oh what am i to do?!? If only i had some super convenient way of enjoying my favorite concentrates discretely on the go while i run around this crazy world we live in! Can’t anyone help me out?!?

DMV Organics is here to help! My favorite, local DC I-71 compliant provider is here to save the day yet again! Offering another entry in their new line of luxury extracts and concentrate carts, the Lemon Creme Pie Diamond Vape Cart is here to blow your mind! Using the same Lemon Creme Pie Solvent-less Diamonds we previously reviewed, combined with Humulene Terps (more on this in a moment), tokers throughout the land are granted with a superior, luxury cart experience.

Providing the base of the cart is AAAA certified Lemon Creme Pie “RAW” sugar

diamonds (or crystals), an extremely potent, solvent-less 99% pure THC-A extract. The Lemon Crème Pie is made with organic flower that’s a 50/50 indica/sativa hybrid. As I've mentioned before - but always want to reiterate for the newbies - Flower typically contains an average of 20 to 25% THC, whereas these crystals contain almost a full 100% THC. Therefore the Lemon Crème Pie is almost four times as strong in this form as in flower form!

Adding to this fantastic concentrate to really take this cart to the next level we have Humulene Terps! Present in many strains such as Dark Star, Headband, Thin Mint GSC, Original Glue, and Candyland, you’ve probably been enjoying Humulene for years without even knowing it! First found in hops (I see you beer enthusiasts), Humulene is the terp responsible for the spicy, earthy, woody notes possessed by many plants. With a bouquet comparable to sage, basil, or clove, the robustness of Humulene is the perfect counter balance to the lighter citrus medley of the Lemon Creme Pie.

Humulene also has a variety of purported health benefits and has been used for centuries in eastern and holistic medicine as an antibacterial agent, appetite suppressant, and anti-inflammatory. Additionally, some tokers have mentioned it helping them with allergies, pain, bacterial infections, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

So basically DMV Organics has combined one of the best concentrates around with a

miraculous terpene and housed the blend in a certified lead free glass and ceramic cart? Um....F***K YEAH! I have to say, from flavor to effects I love this thing.

Head over to DMV Organics and treat yourself to one of the best carts available in DC! use our discount code ("TokerGuideRef") and save yourself some coin! and let us know what you think in the comments, we'd love your feedback!

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