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MAC 1 - District Derp

Hey everyone! Please allow me to direct your attention to this excellent batch of MAC 1 that just came in at DC i-71 delivery and pup art purveyors, District Derp. It's got some heavy trichomes, an excellent nose, and brings enjoyable aspects that are both sativa and indica in nature.


A 50/50 cross of Alien Cookies and Colombian x Starfighter, MAC - aka Miracle Alien Cookies - is backcrossed with a stunning version of itself to make this MAC 1 phenotype. It's basically MAC amplified by more MAC. The result is a cerebral rocket ship and body high that will spawn creativity and yield a joyful, active mind. I, personally, believe that MAC and MAC 1 are some of the most mind expanding introspective strains out there.


As mentioned, and as clearly visible in the close-up shots of this specimen, there's a very large amount of trichomes smattering these buds. When you look back in the pack - or jar if you're storing it in an ideal fashion - you'll notice the kief collection that has easily accumulated at the bottom and on the sides. You can practically hold and tap one of these buds over a joint your rolling to top it off with kief it's so prevalent.


The aroma and flavor for the strain are supposed to be sweet, creamy, gassy and citrus. To me the creaminess and a citrusy lemon seemed to stand out the most. Pack it in your bong and you'll get a very smooth and tasty hit. Twist it in a joint and you'll find the citrus and gassy notes are expressed much more.


Overall, MAC 1 is a great all-around strain to select for your connoisseur coffers. Whether day or night it can treat you right, and this particular batch is more than capable of bringing a high potency high even for the most seasoned tokers. To get yours hit up District Derp and schedule your delivery ASAP! Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you for something special!

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