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Marionberry - Euphoria DC

Named for the blackberry fruit, but also with special significance in DC due to former mayor Marion Barry, check out this primo batch of Marionberry. It's fresh, fruity, phenomenal, and awaiting you right now at i-71 storefront and day spa, Euphoria DC.


At 60/40 on the indica/sativa ratio, it's great for those indica lovers out there and still promotes enough cerebral energy to keep you active and upright if needed. I've found it to invoke a sort of tranquil daydreamy state if toked during the day, but at night you can fully embrace the euphoric qualities snuggling in the covers of your bed.


The "toker team" here has officially dubbed it as "Fire," so there is consensus opinion even from the bigger sativa fans of the bunch. There's similar consensus around it being equally delightful in bong, bowl, or rolled in a paper of your choice as well.


Overall, we think this one is an excellent tool to keep on the indica side of your "self-medicating" toolbox. It won't be all the way to the left with the heavier, most sedating strains, and placing it in the middle might leave some searching for a cup of coffee. So, let it fall somewhere in the middle of the left side of the aisle - sort of like the former politician. 😉


A cross of Space Queen and Raspberry Kush, don't miss this epic Marionberry from i-71 storefront and day spa, Euphoria DC. Stop by today and don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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