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Miracle Alien Cookies - Spaced Out DC

This Miracle Alien Cookies (aka MAC) sample from Spaced Out DC is a prime example of some eye catching, aesthetically beautiful cannabis that is, as its name implies, quite the remedy as well. While the MAC has made its rounds in recent years, this has primarily been due to how easy and forgiving it is to grow. When a seasoned pro gets their hands on some excellent MAC genetics, however, the results can be quite astounding - as in this case.


An aspect to note right off the bat is that of the anthocyanin stance of this cut. For those of you who aren’t hip to the nerd talk, this means the purple hues of cannabis. Anthocyanin is the pigment responsible for making blueberries blue and purple cannabis purple. Most genetics descended from grape lines are often bred to incorporate a more purple product because it helps to drive the brand. In this case, the purple pigmentation is elicited as well as a hint of a sugary grape-like aroma. While this MAC has a rich and creamy nose in the majority, and certainly higher levels of other terpenes (limonene, alpha pinene, beta myrcene), the unmistakable notes of grape are the real treasure. To me it's fascinating that this, in fact, stems from the numerous flecks of purple pigment themselves.


Everyone reacts differently to cannabis and there are a plethora of compounds that contribute to the entourage effects which drive the diversity of highs we experience from our beloved plants. There is currently not a lot of research around anthocyanin and cannabis, but that doesn’t stop many people from reporting that their favorite cultivars are often the most purple.


An interesting study might be to compare two different sets of MAC, one more purple than the other, and compare effects. The difference, even if only measurable observationally, may help you determine if selecting purple buds - one's higher in anthocyanin - is the right choice for you. We each have our own unique biochemistry to explore and it might behoove you to take notes about your experiences with different cultivars in order to keep better track and personalize in the future - it often helps me.


In terms of effects, I wasn’t couch locked and I stayed relatively clear headed throughout my high - this in spite of staying consistently stoned all day from my sample. I won’t lie to you, I smoked the whole eighth in a day and was able to function quite well. I myself am a chronic pain patient and really enjoy strains that allow me to feel relief in my body, but also clear headed enough to find focus. The MAC, as a 50/50 hybrid, was an excellent daytime pain reliever for me and I really hope you can get the same amount of relief and functionality that I did. To snag some for yourself head over to I-71 storefront Spaced Out DC and tell them Toker's Guide sent you for 10% off!

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