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NYC Diesel Live Resin - DMV Organics

My fellow Tokers, the game is changing before our possibly red eyes. (Remember to be good to your eyes and use moisturizing drops!)

The cannabis culture has evolved rapidly and utilized modern science to elevate the products and methods by which Tokers throughout the land can enjoy our favorite plant! We used to be somewhat limited with regard to the mediums by which we were available to enjoy cannabis, but all that has changed!

DMV Organics NYC Diesel Live Resin Shatter

My friends and I at Tokers Guide have discussed various concentrates and extracts with you before, but some of you out there might be unfamiliar or uninitiated with this kind of experience. Worry not, fellow Tokers! Do me the honor of being your guide as we explore the land of live resin together! It’ll be like the magic school bus, but we’ll all be high af...although let’s be honest—you know Ms. Valerie Frizzle was getting down on the low!

Live resin has quickly become one of my favorite ways to enjoy cannabis! Freshly harvested cannabis is frozen to subcritical temperatures, enabling the plant to retain its magical terpene profile. This allows the plant to keep its original flavor and fragrance, both of which are typically severely diminished during the usual curing and cultivation process that flower regularly undergoes.

Through this complex extraction process, live resin concentrates are able to really capture the flavors and aromas of the living plant. The plant’s essence has been frozen in a moment of time, allowing a more complex terpene profile to flourish. Complex terpene profiles allow for the legendary “entourage effect,” meaning all the various compounds can work together synergistically to take Tokers across the land on magical journeys of their very own!

When my favorite DC local I-71 compliant service provider DMV Organics gave me this tested and certified local organic NYC Diesel to try, I knew I was about to taste something special. Famously winning 2nd place for Sativas at the High Time Cannabis Cup in 2001, 2003, and 2004, NYC Diesel’s reputation precedes itself!

Bred by Amsterdam based Soma Sacred Seeds, NYC Diesel is a 60% Sativa dominant cross between Mexican and Afghani. With THC levels that can exceed 21%, this Sativa dominant strain is great for daytime use. A citrusy nose greets your senses before hints of lime and grapefruit dance across your pallet. An upbeat euphoric high is pleasantly chill and known for not inducing anxiety as some other robust Sativas often can.

I enjoyed this live resin in both a dab rig and a pen that uses concentrates. I found this product to be quite stable and not too messy as some concentrates can be. Head to DMV Organics and try it for yourself! And use our discount code to save yourself some cash! Tell us what you think in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you!

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