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Obama OG - Top Secret DC

Happy 4th of July everyone! What better way to celebrate the birth of our nation than by toking down on a delightful indica named for the 44th president, Barrack Obama. They say he was fond of the herb, but I won't speculate about the frequency of his sessions. This one, rather appropriately, comes to us from the always phenomenal Top Secret DC.

Worthy of representing it's namesake, this bud is a cross of Skunk, Afghani, OG Kush, and Bubba Kush - basically a who's who of old school heavy hitters. Running 70/30 on the indica side, she is highly cured with exceptional potency capable of flooring even the most seasoned tokers. NOT FOR THE NEWBS! Perhaps, most noticeable about its effects are the immense body buzz. Take a rip, lay down, and tell me if you don't feel a rolling glow moving all throughout.

Great for meditation, yoga, or just catching up on some Z's, you probably don't want to roll this up before a vibrant cookout or fireworks celebration - socially distanced of course. But, tomorrow, if you're nursing a hangover, this is gonna be the best snuggle buddy.

In terms of aroma, this batch is very much on the mellower fruity spectrum, almost like a grape cream soda. In taste, it's more exotic with sweet, sugary notes along with an earthiness that is distinctly kush-like.

Note that the grower certainly took their time and gave high attention to detail with the result being a staggering amount of bright white trichomes strewn across every available surface. I bet you could make incredible bubble hash out of this! Hmmmm 🤔

It could burn just a tiny bit smoother if I had to make any criticism, but this is easily addressed with a water pipe or vape. I commonly find that exceptional indica's are more harsh than many sativa oriented cultivars. This is likely because of its ancestry's durability to survive harsh mountain winters - heartier leaves and buds make the smoke thicker. That said, in the vape, it's excellent with no detectable lack of smoothness. In a blunt or joint, it certainly will not disappoint, likely leaving everyone in the circle zombified for several hours.

Give homage to one of the USA's greats, President Obama, this July 4th and pick yourself up some Obama OG from Top Secret DC ASAP!!!


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