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OG Kush Breath - High There DC

Greetings and happy Friday to everyone! Check out this batch of OG Kush Breath that just dropped from DC recreational (i-71) delivery maestros, High There. These buds are beefy and dense with fresh trichomes strewn all over. The real joy comes when you break one open to find the super lime green and twinkly inside - glorious! 🤗


Thought to be an offshoot of the Girl Scout Cookies strain, this is most likely a Durban Poison and OG Kush cross bred to be even more indica than you might otherwise find with some classic GSC. The mind bending, hazy, and kush-like effects along with a heavy full-body euphoria make this a fantastic weekend chill-out strain.

When you first smell it in a jar you'll get a ton of piney "OG" essence, but as you keep wafting it in there are notes of vanilla, nutmeg, skunk, and a tinge of berry. It also rolls really nice and has an exquisitely delicious flavor very similar to the aroma. Is it savory? Is it sweet? It was hard to get a consensus, but regardless, the flavor got high marks all around.


So hit up High There DC today and grab some of this OG Kush Breath to help stock the indica side of your stash box for the weekend ahead. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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