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Orange Crush "Raw" - DMV Organics

You know who loves citrus more than a pirate fighting off scurvy? Me. My name is Jeremy, and I am a citrus addict. Our friends at DMV Organics have another fantastic concentrate for you today, Orange Crush Raw solvent-less THC crystals. I’ve discussed other concentrates with you before (here), and this is a similar product that I enjoy just as much if not more.

Concentrates can come in a variety of flavors and textures. Freshly harvested cannabis typically yields a saucier, terpene rich concentrate. After nucleation, the Orange Crush has been recombined with its own natural terpenes, providing a rich flavorful product that is saucier than some concentrates, yet still very manageable and easy to handle. I didn’t find myself struggling to use this product, and I wasn’t making a huge mess or getting it everywhere, which I appreciate.

Diamonds and Crystals are extremely potent cannabis products, potentially being four times stronger than flower. Though a sativa dominant hybrid, the Orange Crush provides a well-balanced feeling for me. Known for its citrusy flavor, Orange Crush comes to us from BC Growers Association. A powerful, energetic, uplifting high can be expected, and patients often use Orange Crush to combat chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. I really enjoyed the balance between the mind and body of this strain; my body felt great and my mind was energized, positive, and focused.

The sweet orange flavor just blows my mind. I’ve enjoyed this product several times now and I’m still surprised each time. I’m reminded of an orange creamsicle. The flavor profile alone makes this an experience worth having.

Overall, the Orange Crush feels great physically, but the taste is what keeps me coming back again and again. If you’re a discerning cannabis connoisseur who enjoys the finer things in life, do yourself a favor and try this little treat. Life is too short, and this is something special that you do not want to miss out on, so give DMV Organics a shout today!

PS: Remember that Diamonds and Crystals must be heated to 350 degrees for use, so adjust your device accordingly. I used a dab rig and a small handheld device for concentrates, and the Orange Crush worked perfectly well with both.


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