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Orange Jack - Treehouse DC

Strain: Orange Jack

Service: Treehouse DC

Service Type: DC i-71 Dispensary

Overall Rating: 9/10

Lean: Sativa Dominant

Initial Thoughts

Currently avaialable at DC i-71 marijuana dispensary, Treehouse DC, this Orange Jack offers a citrus fusion that I absolutely love as a wake and bake option. It's refreshing, invigorating, rejuvinating, and it goes really well with a glass of orange juice. 🍊



These soft, fluffy buds are vibrant green in color with long and bright orange pistils.





Orange, lime, and lemon with hints of anise. Very terpy.


A delicious woody pine flavor on the inhale with a familiar sweet citrus flavor on the exhale.



The Orange Jack strain is a cross of Orange Juice and Jack Herer that runs sativa dominant.


The effects of this Orange Jack took hold almost immediately with a burst of energy at onset, a signature trait of this potent sativa. This heightened state of stimulation seemed to take over everything, quickening both my mind and body. The mental clarity and focus that accompanied the euphoria allowed for increased creativity, making Orange Jack an ideal companion for activities that demanded both energy and imagination. Great for morning or daytime sessions.



If you're on a quest for a sativa that delivers on both flavor and energy, Orange Jack deserves your attention, and a prominent spot in your stash box. This sativa dominant hybrid embodies the essence of a citrus sunrise while providing a burst of both cerebral and mental energy. To get your own squeeze of this Orange Jack just head over to Treehouse DC today and don’t forget to mention that Toker’s Guide sent you!

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