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Papayas & Bananas by Strane - Liberty (MD Medical)

Strain: Papayas & Bananas

​Dispensary: Liberty

Location: Oxon Hill, MD

Overall Rating: 8/10

​Lean: Indica Dominant Hybrid

Initial Thoughts:

Papayas & Bananas is happily cultivated by Strane, right here in Maryland! This blissful indica hybrid was created by crossing Papaya with a fusion of Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos. This particular batch is testing at 23% THC and 1.93% total terpenes.



These buds are dense, mid-sized, and cloaked in trichomes in every nook and crevice. Emerging from the frost are bright orange pistols and underneath there's a light shade of green. When I start to break it down with my fingers, I feel it's a bit on the dry side, but starting to cure. Inside the buds I feel much more of the resin actively sticking to my fingers.


Still fresh but starting to cure.



A creamy and tropical mix with a tangy, nutty, skunkiness that shows up a bit after the sweeter notes of melon, papaya and banana begin to diffuse.


I rolled up a joint and initially, as I inhaled, I got a light and refreshing tropical smoothie and banana candy taste. Intriguingly it was sugary sweet while still resembling a natural fruitiness as well. As I exhaled, I got a nice subtle aftertaste of freshly picked papaya and earthy OG.



Banana OG x Do-Si-Dos crossed with Papaya.


The limonene comes in at 0.71% in this batch, bringing forth a smooth breeze of ease and delight. The myrcene comes in at 0.44%, complimenting the uplifting qualities with a surge of warm bodily peace and mental tranquility that seems to creep in after about 10 minutes. From my experience using this blissful indica hybrid flower, I feel it has the potential to help with many behavioral tendencies like ADHD & bipolar disorder. Others have mentioned its ability to provide relief from inflammation and muscle pains as well.



If you're looking for a highly relaxing and euphoric indica buzz with a delectable, tropical fruit-forward flavor, definitely check out this Strane Papayas & Bananas. I purchased it in a 14g stash bag at Liberty in Oxon Hill, MD and I have also seen it available at their Rockville, MD location. Just check the online menu at the Liberty that's most convenient to you, or hit them up and their friendly and knowledgeable staff is ready to point you in the right direction. Don't forget to let them know Toker's Guide sent you their way!


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