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Peach Gelato - The Garden

A couple days ago, my son asked me what I thought his favorite candy was, to which I responded almost instinctively with, “Peach Rings”. After grabbing some peach rings for him at the store later that day I contemplated purchasing some candy for myself as well. However, I was able to turn away from the sugar indulgence by recalling my plan to eat healthy this week. Hours later it was only fitting that this Peach Gelato sample from recreational storefront The Garden DC came floating my way for review. I suppose that it was by passing up one candy treat that I was able to receive this far, far better one in return. 🤗


This Strain packs a heavy hybrid (50/50) punch with the power to both calm you and keep you going - you'll be in a perma-state of euphoric bliss in either case. It soothes the soul at home on the couch and also invigorates mentally wherever you may be. I would recommend it based solely on potency alone, but that’s not where my positive notes about this strain are going to stop.


For one, it has flavor written all over it. It's Peach Ringz crossed with Jetlato and the result is a very fruity and funky terp infused flower with gassy fuel tastes and aromas. It seems like everyone is after the mega pungent Gelato-like profiles these days, but in as many delicious fruity combinations as they can find. In this case the berry, earthy, diesel aspects fuse to form something not far from an exotic peach, all to scintillate your olfactory senses and tantalize your tastebuds.


If a restful physical state paired with a joyful mind are what you desire to achieve, then Peach Gelato is the one for you. This flower could just as easily help you defeat social anxiety while out running errands as it could help you take a load off while at home streaming movies. It’s not knock you out bud. Its relax and enjoy the day bud. And it's certainly not going to add a gram of sugar or fat to my diet (not directly anyways).

The Garden DC is the Place to be with this Peach Gelato flower in stock and ready for your smoking pleasure. Who knows, you may even run into the Toker's Guide crew while you're there!

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