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Phantom Kush - Puff Kings DC

Happy Saturday Tokers! I'm back from my travels and I've been creeping through this week in an attempt to get myself back on East Coast time. Helping me with my urge to write/dance/play into the wee hours of the morning has been this phenomenal indica heavy, Phantom Kush courtesy of Puff Kings DC 👑. No longer in my travel-induced delirium, I can tell you this bud has been utterly magical. As I like to say, Indica is everything!


Thanks to these potent indica-heavy buds, I was able to kick back and hit the R.E.M.'s. It took me an extra day (possibly two, not sure) to write this review😂. Safe to say, I enjoyed every toke of this remarkably frosty bud.

To elaborate on her effects, first, I experienced a cerebral explosion with epiphanic-like thoughts and a strong urge to treat my kitchen like the set of Master Chef. Once the true kush-push effects set in, I enjoyed a long-lasting sedating high which came in waves comparable to the steady onslaught of a high tide. The waves kept coming 🌊🤯. Waves that delivered gradual, trickling physical body highs that force-floated me to my cozy den.


This bud stuns with trichomes worn much like a woolly sweater the leaves are so frosted. The fluffy structure is indicative of a fresh indoor harvest for sure and the aroma gives me kushy earthiness with a fruity, grape-like flare. I love my grinder, but I prefer to break this one down by hand to fully enjoy its splendor.

If you haven't already, visit our Puff King's page, where you can conjure yourself some of this magical metaphysical cannabis (AKA some of the best weed in DC) simply by finding their contact info and giving them a shout. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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