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Pineapple Sorbet - Beyond / Hello (Sterling, VA)

Conveniently located in Nokes Plaza of Sterling, VA, Beyond/Hello (a Jushi brand) is the newest addition available to NOVA medical marijuana patients looking for quality cannabis. There is an on-site pharmacist for complimentary, appointment-only consultations to answer all your questions and introduce new patients to the growing variety of products. Not looking to wait to enter the sales floor? They also have a quick and easy pick-up service with tons of parking and several 2-hour delivery window time slots to choose from, which is super convenient if you live in the Dulles and surrounding area.


On my latest trip to Beyond/Hello, I wanted to try something new, so I picked up some Pineapple Sorbet. This Sativa, cultivated by SEED & STRAIN, gave me more of a Sativa Dominant Hybrid vibe than a Straight Sativa. It had all the great benefits from a solid Sativa. There was an instant head high, giving me a slight tingle in my face, which quickly wore off and left me with a burst of creative energy.

The more I smoked the Pineapple Sorbet, the more it felt like a Hybrid due to the pain relief I felt, specifically of the pain in my joints due to inflammation. The experience was soothing and relaxing without being sedative. These effects could also be due to the high Myrcene content at 1.02%.


That Myrcene content is most certainly the source of its complex earthy scent as well. There are also notes of white pepper on the inhale, and mango skin on the exhale, with a sprinkle of garlic powder all around. Post-sesh, a light lingering of allspice remained on the palate and in the air.

I'm glad I took the gamble on this strain, and it will definitely be a repeat purchase of mine. Want some of your own? Take your VA MMJ card and recommendation with ID over to Beyond/Hello in Sterling, VA and let them know you heard about them on Toker’s Guide!

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