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Pink Champagne - Elevated Lounge

If you're searching for a dazzling indica to envelop your whole body in a cozy buzz this weekend, look no further than this Pink Champagne from DC recreational cannabis storefront Elevated Lounge. It's a mellow high with strong psychedelic aspects that, like its namesake, make you bubbly, giggly, and even a little tipsy at greater levels.🥂


Its most notable trait aside from the wonderfully intoxicating effects, is its pungent aroma. A complex melding of sweet and spicy with tantalizing fruity notes that tickle the nose, it's not unlike the first waft of a newly poured glass of sparkling wine. I guess I would say it resembles more of a dry champagne than a rosé, but the coloration, replete with rich purples and violets, just wouldn't allow you to call this "white" champagne. Who says "white champagne" anyways? At that point isn't it just "champagne"?


Given the structure, buzz, and exotic earthy, yet fruit-driven flavor it's not hard to guess that this is an indica-dominant hybrid. In fact, it's a cross of famed Ken's Grandaddy Purple and Cherry Pie strains that's also been known to go by the name of Raspberry Kush. Although, consensus from the Toker's Guide team is that this specimen seemed to fit the Champagne flavor profile better, and "raspberry" should be reserved for more fruit forward pheno's.


To grab some of this Pink Champagne for your own coffers just head to the esteemed Elevated Lounge in the Glover Park area of DC today. Don't forget to tell them Toker's Guide sent you!

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