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*****Platinum MAC - Top Secret DC*****

Super excited about a new partnership between one of the best local guys I know and Top Secret DC. He's been doing his craft for a long time and is nearing perfection. The brand, which you're going to be seeing A LOT more of in the weeks ahead, is Capitol Hill Cannabis.

The first representative from them thus far is this phenomenal Platinum MAC, which as you can see, is impeccably cultivated, harvested, and cured. It's an evenly balanced hybrid and cross of Platinum Kush and the incredibly delicious Miracle Alien Cookies strain. It tastes much like the super sweet milk leftover after some cereal (just like the other MAC1 I reviewed recently), but with an exotic kush-like twist. YUM!

I really like the brand that they've come up with here as well. What better way to stay top of mind with some of our favorite congressmen and congresswomen than to have them become keenly aware of an amazing cannabis brand that bears the name of the neighborhood they "work" in. You KNOW the congress people are chiefin' all the time these days too! Wouldn't YOU given the chaos of the government?

People! You can get this right now, for a very limited time, by scheduling a pick-up or delivery with Top Secret DC. Many, Many, more strains of this caliber to come, and you know I'll keep you posted. I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT!!!


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